Legal Aid

I am a Family Legal Advice Service (FLAS) provider. FLAS is the provision by a lawyer of a discrete amount of initial advice and information so that parties involved in Care of Children/Custody disputes understand their rights, responsibilities and options enabling them to make better decisions regarding their children's welfare. The service includes the completion of court entry forms, if required. Contact me to see if you qualify to receive government subsidised FLAS advice.

Whether a client is granted legal aid or not is assessed by the Ministry of Justice based on civil legal aid income thresholds which are the same thresholds that apply to FLAS.

Legal Aid is also available for domestic violence matters. You may be eligible for legal if you meet the income thresholds. Contact me to run a quick free test to find out if you qualify for FLAS and/or legal aid.



If an applicant has more than 5 dependent children, or has a dependent spouse or partner and more than 4 dependent children, the maximum level of income for that applicant is calculated by adding a further $6,832 for each additional child.

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